Joseph Hein

Joseph Hein hails from the Palouse in eastern Washington State. With lush arrangements and warm distortion, he creates dreamy harmonious sounds with an energetic up­tempo rhythm influenced by songs of yesteryear’s AM country and R&B gold. He is often accompanied by an array of instruments including a trombone, a violin, keyboards and guitars that add to the band’s distinct style. Joseph Hein sings honestly about good times and the bad and the music bears witness to the road unkempt and a winding trail. Joseph grew up making music in the rural eastern WA region known as the Palouse. With that small town isolation the multi instrumentalist Joseph Hein gleaned from a range of influences and played with a tight knit group of kids in all sorts of bands that ranged from punk to electronic pop. The path continued into the DIY scene of Olympia, WA where that intensely creative place inspired further collaborations that continue today. He has released two official albums as a solo artist and is in the process of finishing his third. His most recently released album, “Following Fog”, holds the energy and sounds of the places it was recorded: from a barn to a church, a garage, cabin, closet, and the span of eastern to western Washington state. It is truly inspired by the places it all took place, and marks a period of time. Between touring, recording and collaborating with others he hides out in the hills and plays his new bass….-

Listen to his single “In The Sunshine” – premiered on My Old Kentucky Blog.

Joseph Hein’s “In the Sunshine” video directed & produced by The Paint Shop & featuring Haley Madison, premeired on Pancakes & Whiskey.

“In a crowded field of incredible music that has come out this fall, Hein’s album has stood out to me as one of the best I’ve heard this year. It’s that good. ” — Red Line Roots premiered Joe’s single “Looking Backwards

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